Liverpool Replay Tickets - Phone Sales Suspended

WE have suspended ’phone sales of tickets for our Emirates FA Cup third-round replay against Liverpool.

Demand for tickets for the big game on Wednesday, January 18 has been such that we want to make sure that we can honour supporters who have queued at Home Park, many for several hours.
Early on Wednesday, it became apparent that we would not be able to process the demands of everyone who had come to Home Park to buy a ticket.
We, therefore, called a halt to the queues and issued a GREEN ticket-voucher to people who we estimated would not reach the front of the line by close of business.

Each supporters, with one ticket-voucher each, will be able to buy a maximum of two tickets. 
Those supporters, and supporters who subsequently called to Home Park, have been issued with a green ticket-voucher, allowing them to reform the queue on Thursday morning in the place they held when we stopped the queues. 

We will renew telephone sales when and if it becomes clear that we will be able to satisfy the demand of those supporters who hold a ticket-voucher.

We thank you for your magnificent support and your patience. We will do our utmost to make sure everyone who wants a ticket for the match will be able to get one.