No Dugout Drama

OUR manager is keen to make sure that Saturday’s game is Argyle v Peterborough – and not Derek Adams v Steve Evans.

The two Scottish bosses have verbally clashed on previous occasions when they have met, but as the Pilgrims welcome the Posh to Home Park this Saturday, Adams is more interested in trying to extract a first win of the season from a team that is four from four in Sky Bet League One. 

Ahead of the trip to Devon, Evans told the Peterborough Telegraph: “Plymouth are a well-managed club. Me and their manager Derek Adams go at it during games, but we are friendly enough off the pitch. Of course I want to beat him. We lost a stormy game there last season, but we are a completely different team now.” 

The “stormy game” to which Evans refers took place in April, the last time the two teams met at Home Park. Peterborough had Liam Shephard and Steven Taylor sent off either side of a late Graham Carey match-winning penalty kick. 

Derek was quick to diffuse any notion of a feud between the two Glasgow-born bosses. 

“I would agree with what Steve said. During my time in Scotland, Steve used to phone me up and would ask my opinion on some of the players that were going about there. 

“He signed some, and he didn’t sign some. He’s someone I’ve spoken to over the years. Yes, he’s a rival manager but we’re looking to get the best out of both our teams. 

“It is just rivalry; managers of other clubs, they are trying to get the best for their football clubs and all we’re doing is exactly the same. 

“It’s always going to be the case where if you are asked for your opinion and you give your opinion and you have got substance to it you are always going to be heard. 

“From my point of view we’d like to see two teams on the pitch going at it. Football in general has changed a wee bit over the years and Steve is one of the characters in the game.” 


Supporters who have not yet got a ticket for the match are urged to purchase as early as possible. By buying before Saturday, supporters can save £2 on the price of a ticket. 

For home supporters arriving on Saturday and wishing to pay on the day, a reminder that policy for the entirety of the 2018-19 season is for there to be no cash taken on the turnstiles. Those paying on the day must go to the Ticket Office and purchase from there, before heading to the necessary turnstile. 

Turnstiles close at 3.10pm, with a ‘late gate’ located at turnstile number six in the Devonport end, 15 in the Lyndhurst and 22 in the away end. 

Be aware that the Ticket Office gets busy between 2pm and 3pm, for collections and purchases. The earlier you can get to the Ticket Office, both to quicken your process and to alleviate strain on the facility, the better.

Away supporters are able to pay with cash on at the gate.