Fox in Harmony

ARGYLE’S stand-in skipper, David Fox, will need to find the right harmony between being focussed and happy at the prospect of today’s Emirates FA Cup second round tie against Oxford United at Home Park.

Foxy says his persona remains unchanged, in spite of the fact he now sports the captain’s armband in place of the injured Gary Sawyer. 

“I don’t think [anything has changed],” said Foxy.

“I try to do the same sort of things, maybe little bits here and there, but I don’t feel any different. I like to keep as normal as I can and make sure it does not affect you because you have got to perform.“

While Foxy is not the type to bark instructions, he believes the responsibility of taking leadership is spread across the whole squad.

After a tough defeat at Shrewsbury in midweek, which typified the up and down season Argyle have endured, Foxy and his team-mates are remaining positive about the challenges ahead.

“I’m not like that [someone who shouts],” said Fox. “It is a hard one because you don’t want to be too happy and smiley but, also, you can’t be walking around with your head down because that doesn’t help anything.

“It’s a really difficult medium you have got to try and find where you have to stay positive but you also have to realise the situation that we’re in.

“You have to make sure everyone is at it. There are other lads that try and do that as well. You can’t just have one who wears the armband and says everything, you need other lads to take responsibility as well.“

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