Turnstile Staff Vacancies

WE are looking for people with experience of working in Customer Service and Sales, with a passion for delivering exceptional customer service, to join the off-field team at Home Park.

Working Pattern
Flexibility to work various shifts between noon-3.30pm on weekend matches and 6-8.15pm on weekday matches.

Primary Function
To ensure all spectators are admitted in accordance with the club's ticketing policy and Home Park Ground regulations for each game or event;

To undertake the instructions of the Turnstile Supervisor, Safety Team or Senior Managemen Team.

Main Duties
To attend the match or event briefing as given by the Turnstile Supervisor or his/her Deputy and to understand the ticketing arrangements for each match/event;

To properly sign on duty, indicate their next availability for work, and properly sign off duty when their duties have been concluded;

If working at a cash turnstile, ensure there is sufficient float money available to them;

To ensure that the area around the turnstile where deployed is clear of obstructions and operates freely. Any obstructions, hazards or found articles must be reported to the Turnstile Supervisor immediately;

Follow any required cash-counting procedures and reconcile crowd attendance figures with the Turnstile Supervisor, if required.

Must be able to communicate calmly and effectively with colleagues, Turnstile Supervisor, Safety Officer and his/her Deputy when under duress;

Must be able to communicate with spectators at all levels at all times, particularly under challenging circumstances;

Must have good people management skills.

Previous experience as a Turnstile Operator is preferable, but not essential;

Experience of cash handling is required.

Apply via our Facebook page or email CV to tickets@pafc.co.uk.