Plastic Free

ARGYLE manager Derek Adams believes that there is no case for English football to introduce artificial pitches into the EFL.

The discussion has re-emerged with several National Leagaue sides pushing for promotion that currently use synthetic picthes. All EFL clubs have had the opportunity over the course of the season to input their views on the potential use of synthetic or artificial pitches within the EFL as part of a wider Stadium Criteria review.

The current position was communicated at a recent club meeting, and discussions will now continue ahead of the EFL’s AGM in June to determine if there is an appetite for either League-wide change or if there is an option to adopt the use of artificial pitches on a divisional basis.

While the use of artificial pitches is ultimately a matter for EFL clubs to decide, there are any number of other parties that have a significant interest, including the FA and the PFA whose members have historically been against the use of artificial pitches in the EFL. Their views will also need taking into account before any decision is made.

Adams said: “They shouldn’t be introduced. I don’t think it’s a proper surface to play football on. I know in Holland they’ve had to do that because of the weather out there. They have had a lot of rain, but there is no way it should come into English football again.

"The ball doesn’t run the same. They are great for training, the community and opportunities for people training every hour of every day. That is a great idea for youth football, but when you get to first team football grass is the best surface."

When asked about whether certain League One and Two sides should have the surface Adams replied: “It becomes complicated, they should have the artificial pitch at their training ground that they can use if they want to make money from it. I don’t think it should be allowed as their main stadium pitch. I just think, how many times a year do you have games getting postponed for frost? It doesn’t happen very often and we all panic when it does.”

Adams also made comment on the fact that goal line technology will be used in all EFL play-off matches this season, meaning if the Pilgrims continue their fine run of form it could be used in their matches.

“I’m in favour of that," said Derek. "It is definitely going to help the game; VAR has changed the way we view football as well. It has made watching the game quite interesting at times, I know there has been a pause in play, but sometimes it’s difficult for supporters with the excitement of a goal going in getting taken away from you. But, to get the right decision goal line technology is important.”