Central Parts

AFTER Argyle’s 6-0 win against Torpoint Athletic, manager Derek Adams made it clear that he feels that two of his team’s midfielders are set to play an important part for the Pilgrims in the upcoming season.

The two players, Jamie Ness and David Fox, are coming back to football this summer with obstacles to overcome in their training, the Greens manager, however, showed no concern for the players’ abilities.

Jamie, who only made 26 appearances for the team last year due to injuries, returns to football this year for pre-season training, with hopes to play more next season. The player was made captain for the first half of Tuesday night’s Torpoint game and this move by Adams clearly shows how, despite suffering from a hamstring injury in April and a calf injury before that, the player is going to be key part of the team next year. Due to his injuries last year, Ness missed a lot of pre-season training but Derek made it evident that Jamie was making up for it this year.

Adams said: “He missed it right at the very start and missed the trip to Holland but now he’s been part of things all the way through.

“He’s worked very hard over the summer period and he’s come back fit and he’s completed all the training sessions which has been good.

“He’s been in the gym working hard and that’s why his fitness level is what it is just now. He’s moving well and he’s making good tackles and good interceptions, passes the ball and he’s there to do that for us.

“He’s led the team which was beneficial for all of us.”

Another member of the team proving to make a strong come back to football this season is David Fox. The 34-year-old midfielder signed a new contract with Argyle to play this season,

The player has been with Argyle for the past two seasons and made 42 appearances last term, proving himself to be a valuable part of the team. Derek is confident that Fox can have another successful year, and continue to be as fresh as ever.

“He’s been here for two years and enjoyed his time here,” said Derek. “Sometimes when you’ve been at a football club that's done well for you, then you want to repay them and he’s done that.

“He has good possession, makes good passes, and is an experienced member of the squad.

“He’s done the whole of pre-season with the rest of the squad and he’s competed well with them. We don’t do easy pre-season and he’s come through that very well.”

Adams is known for his tough pre-seasons and during this time will definitely be pushing the two players, set to be important members of the team once again.