Conor Roll

NEW Argyle midfielder Conor Grant says there is a feeling of togetherness among the much-changed squad.

Grant was amongst 10 new signings for the Pilgrims over the summer.  The 23-year-old has moved down to Plymouth from Liverpool, having left his first, hometown club, Everton. Grant became Dereks Adams’ first signing this summer trying in vainto nab him in January. 

Conor feels that pre-season is paying off. The squad’s bonding began quickly with almost the new players sharing a hotel on the night before the pre-season training began. The lads have also gathered in groups to watch the extensive coverage of the World Cup.

Grant said: "We are going to be spending a lot of time with each other; we do not want to be travelling away from home and losing games - we want to be winning them. We want to gain momentum and we are a team that are basically family so we need to work for each other and make sure we are backing each other and winning games."

Derek Adams pre-season is known to be really tough for players and takes a lot of hard work.

The game against Torquay was Conor’s first 90 minute game since March due to injuries, and lack of fixtures for Everton’s under-23 side at the back-end of the season.

The game against the Gulls also represented a marked step up in quality of the opposition faced so far.

Connor said: "In pre-season I just take it by game or by day. You just have to be ready - everyday has been pretty tough.

“It has been a good build up; the first couple were fitness really - they are all fitness - now it is more game practise."