Programmes, Programmes

ARE you an avid programme collector?

Maybe you are desperately trying to get hold of specific programmes that are missing from your collection?

Or maybe you just like a good read on match-day?

We are offering the opportunity for members of the Green Army to come along to Home Park and claim programmes from the last three seasons - with a special offer available price.

For the next two home matches - Southend on Good Friday and Peterborough on Saturday, April 7 - the programme office will be open, with thousands of programmes dating back to the start of the 2015-16 season available to purchase.

Each programme previously sold at £3 each, but we are offering you a special deal where you can buy any five programmes of your choice for the excellent price of only £1.

The programme office is on the grandstand side of Home Park, about halfway down along the perimeter wall. It is accessible for inside and outside the stadium.

Do not hesitate to get your hands on these programmes for the limited time that the offer is available.