Club Statement Abuse

IT is enshrined in the core values of Plymouth Argyle that the club welcomes the passion and enthusiasm of our loyal supporters.

Also essential to the club’s basic principles is the belief that all of our many fans are entitled to have a voice, and that they can use that voice to challenge the direction and operation of the club, on the field and off it.

Occasionally, though, the passion and enthusiasm oversteps the mark and the voice becomes unacceptably abusive.

We are also a family club, committed to making Home Park a place that is free from racism, intimidation, victimisation or harassment, and which is inclusive for all.

Everyone at the club shares the frustration of the majority of the Green Army regarding our start to the season, and we expect that to be reflected in complaint and criticism. However, we cannot and will not allow Plymouth Argyle employees to suffer extreme and intolerable levels of personal abuse, and we will seek to protect them from that.

Plymouth Argyle has a history of weathering difficult situations with perseverance and with respect for each other. We know that the vast majority of the Green Army – admired throughout the country for the support that they give the club – upholds that proud tradition.