Friends in Far Places

ARGYLE manager Derek Adams will be working with a new chairman from the start of November and it could lead to a long-haul trip to see some old friends.

Simon Hallett will become Pilgrims’ chairman next month, succeeding James Brent, after it emerged that David Felwick is unable to take up the role due to personal commitments. 

Simon is largely based in the USA and not far from Philadelphia, where Derek has friends working for the local football club.

“He [Simon Hallett] is still going to be based in the United States and obviously a surprise David isn’t able to take over, but personal circumstances dictate,” said Derek.

“As the majority shareholder, it makes sense for Simon to take over as chairman. I worked well with James Brent when he was chairman and I’m sure it will be the same with Simon Hallett.

“Simon will be coming to Britain a few times and it might be I go out there. I’ve got friends (Iain Munro and Tommy Wilson) that work in the Philadelphia Union Football Club, so I could show Simon around to give him an experience of an American Football Club.

“Iain and Tommy are part of the Academy structure. Iain played for Scotland and was manager of Dunfermline and Raith Rovers. He played for Sunderland as well, and Tommy was part of the SFA (Scottish Football Association).”