Visiting Supporter Info

VISITING fans can find here information on what food and drink they can expect at Home Park, as well as some information regarding the away end.

Food & Drink:

There are bar and refreshment facilities located within the away concourse in the Barn Park End, which will be open for the duration of the game and beforehand. In addition, there will be several independent food and drink outlets located outside the stadium – mobile food vendors serve fast food, doughnuts, coffee and the locals’ favourite delicacy, the Cornish pasty.


The redevelopment of the Mayflower Grandstand includes one of the largest hospitality and conferencing centres in the region, which will enhance both the match-day and non-match-day experience at Home Park. The hospitality offering within the Mayflower Grandstand is scheduled to open in mid-December, so early-season hospitality will take place in temporary facilities close to the stadium.

The Away End:

Visiting supporters will be housed in the Barn Park End, which is located behind one of the goals, next to the teams’ dressing areas. The away turnstiles are located on the opposite side of the ground to the main car park. Home Park is an all-seater stadium, including the away end. There is a roof which covers the majority of the seating, although rows nearer the front are more susceptible to inclement weather.

Turnstiles open 90 minutes before the game takes place.

We adopt a searching policy at Home Park, which, particularly ahead of higher-profile or better-attended games, can cause a delay upon entry. It should go without saying that prohibited items will not be permitted into the ground.

The away facilities include refreshment kiosks, which sell a range of hot and cold food and beverages, and toilets. All supporters must co-operate with our stewarding team, who act in the interest of all supporters’ safety and welfare.

The following articles must not be brought within the ground: knives, fireworks, smoke canisters, air-horns, flares, weapons, dangerous or hazardous items, laser devices, bottles, glass vessels, cans, poles and any article that might be used as a weapon and/or compromise public safety. Any person in possession of such items will be refused entry.

We advise all supporters that, upon entry to Home Park, they must comply with the Ground Regulations.

Most of all, we welcome all visiting supporters to Home Park – have a great day with us.