Match-Day Music

DO you like footy and music? Would you like to help the match-day atmosphere at Home Park? Can you push the right buttons on a mixing-desk?

If that sounds like you, you could be just the person that we are looking for.

We need a Match-Day DJ for what promises to be an exciting 2019-20 season at the Theatre of Greens.

If you are interested, please contact Argyle Head of Communications Rick Cowdery at

Our search for someone to make match-day music is just the latest opportunity to become part of the Argyle match-day team.

We recently held a recruitment drive in the Green Taverners’ marquee to increase fan engagement, and to offer people who have a love for the Greens the chance to work for the Greens.

Head of Conferencing and Events Christian Kent oversaw the evening, alongside Stadium Catering Manger Andrew Bradford.

Christian said: “A Recruitment Day is a really good activity for the club; a lot of partners have come together to help us hold the event.

“The idea for us is that we are looking to recruit from the community.”

Around 80 people attended the evening, where there was the opportunity to be interviewed for a number of different responsibilities at the club, including the Home Park Ticket Office; the food and drink kiosks; and the turnstiles.

Argyle are, this season, taking a different approach to choosing from where we employ match-day staff, and what better place to start than from our own fan-base?

Christian said: “Historically, the club has recruited from quite a lot of agency staff.

“Something we are really passionate about this year is trying to improve fan experience, and having fans working for the club.

“We want to train people though our own system, so, by holding an evening like we did, we are able to get a good range of talent and train and develop them from there.”

The turnout exceeded expectations, and interviews will be carried out in due course.

Christian said: “We also had a really good mix of people, a good age range of people, from 16 years-old right the way through. That is what we want, as a club.

“We have a good idea of the people we would like to take on and the next stage is to train those people for the start of the new season.”