Trust in Will

ARGYLE Fans Trust have joined our fantastic loyal band of Green sponsors for the new season by sticking their badge to the colours of summer signing Will Aimson.

The Trust are a representative voice of the club and delighted to have taken up the player sponsorship deal for Will, 25, who recently joined from Bury.  

Andy Symons, from the Trust, said: “The Argyle Fans Trust has been pleased to support the club over the years in many ways, not least by sponsoring a first-team player wherever possible.

“We’re delighted to be sponsoring Will Aimson this season, following on from last season’s sponsorship of Ryan Taylor. 

“The Trust is a democratic voice for Argyle supporters and represents its members, both within the club and with external bodies, campaigning on behalf of the rights of football fans.

“As with last season, all the benefits of sponsorship, including the opportunity to own one of the framed shirts will be offered to our members.”

Please click here to join the Trust.