Week of Winners

THERE are three separate winners on the Big Green Lottery this week, as we dish out £700 in prize money and one unique experience.

First of all, Mr Ben Sculthorp from Southport (member 638) has won the opportunity to become our fourth member of the BGL joining Argyle manager Ryan Lowe and the players for the official team photograph.

We then moved on to the monthly £500 draw for June and a nice cheque is on the way to Mark Collings from Bere Alston (member 206). Finally, there was a winner in the weekly rollover and a cheque for £200 heading to Eamonn Harvey from St Austell.

Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone for being part of the Big Green Lottery, helping to raise valuable funds for the Argyle Academy.

£200 Weekly Draw
4, 8, 9, 25 – NO WINNER
3, 10, 11, 22 – NO WINNER
3, 7, 11, 20 – NO WINNER
2, 15, 19, 24 – NO WINNER
10, 12, 18, 19 – NO WINNER
3, 12, 26, 32 – WINNER

For a full explanation of how the Rollover system will work, please click here.

For more information on the Big Green Lottery, drop us a message on bgl@pafc.co.uk or you can just sign up online, win some money and help raise funds for the Argyle Academy.

As well as the weekly rollover, members of the Big Green Lottery are entered into a monthly draw for £500, the grand annual draw for £12,000 and monthly bonus prizes...plus a discount in the Argyle Superstore and big match ticket priority.