A Wednesday Quiz

THE opening round is all about the 2018-19 season and the current Argyle squad before we move on to your knowledge of the FIFA World Cup.

Round three returns to Planet Pilgrim and questions about those who have sat in the Home Park managers' chair. Round four tests your skills on sporting champions and we complete the quiz with a general knowledge round on Argyle history.

No prizes on offer, just a bit of fun to help forget the rain. We will post the answers on your official website this evening.

Round One
Argyle’s Season

  1. Who scored Argyle’s first goal at Home Park this season in Sky Bet League One?
  2. Name the three Pilgrims to score at Championship clubs this season?
  3. Which former Pilgrim returned to Home Park and kept a clean sheet in October?
  4. Who did Peter Grant join after leaving Argyle in January?
  5. Apart from Argyle, which other English club has Graham Carey played for?
  6. Argyle’s first game of the season in the Carlsberg South-West Peninsula League was a 3-3 draw at Poltair Park, but who plays there?
  7. Who made his Argyle debut in the 3-2 defeat to Burton Albion?
  8. Which former Pilgrim, currently on loan at Charlton, has already played twice against Argyle this season for a different club?
  9. Tafari Moore has previously played football on loan in which country?
  10. Argyle’s final away game this season will be at Accrington Stanley but who scored the winner in our last trip to the Crown Ground?

Round Two
The World Cup

  1. In what year was the World Cup first staged?
  2. Which former Chelsea stopper won best goalkeeper at the 2018 World Cup?
  3. In England’s 6-1 win over Panama in 2018, Harry Kane scored a hat-trick, Jesse Lingard scored one but who bagged a brace?
  4. Against which European country did Gary Lineker score a hat-trick in the 1986 World Cup?
  5. Who did David Beckham foul when sent off against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup?
  6. Who scored the winning goal for Germany in the 1974 World Cup Final?
  7. Where was the 1982 World Cup staged?
  8. Who did England beat in the quarter-finals of the 1990 World Cup?
  9. Who missed the decisive penalty for Italy in the 1994 World Cup final shoot-out?
  10. Who scored both goals in the final of 2002?

Round Three
Argyle Managers

  1. Argyle have had one manager who represented the Republic of Ireland as a player, can you name him?
  2. The legendary Bob Jack was Argyle boss in two spells, spanning four decades, but which other English club did he manage?
  3. Former Argyle striker and manager, David Kemp, is currently assistant manager at which club?
  4. In which World Cup did Paul Sturrock play two matches for Scotland?
  5. On reaching the Premier League with a current rival of Argyle, which former manager described leaving the Pilgrims as ‘the biggest mistake of my life’?
  6. Who has managed Argyle twice and also been a manager in Canada, Turkey, Portugal and Kuwait?
  7. Which former Argyle manager still works for the club?
  8. During his playing days, which former Pilgrim boss had the task of marking Pele at Home Park?
  9. Who briefly succeeded Peter Shilton as manager in 1995?
  10. Which former Argyle manager is currently an Academy coach at Bournemouth?

Round Four
Sporting Champions

  1. In golf, who is the current US Masters champion?
  2. Who is the current Wimbledon Ladies Singles champion?
  3. Name the trophy given to winners of the Superbowl?
  4. Who was the last person to win the Olympic 100 Metres title for men before Usain Bolt?
  5. Who won his third World Snooker title in 2018, 15 years after winning his second?
  6. Who is second to Alastair Cook in the list of English batsmen to score the most Test Match centuries?
  7. Which horse race started in 1875, is watched by 150,000 people in the stands, millions on TV and only lasts for two minutes?
  8. Who won two gold medals in swimming for Great Britain in the 2008 Olympics?
  9. Who has scored the most tries for the England Rugby Union team?
  10. In which non-motorised sport can competitors reach speeds of over 100 kilometres per hour and ‘fly’ for over 800 feet?

Round Five
Pilgrim History

  1. Who is the only African player to have won the Argyle Player of the Season award?
  2. Which former Pilgrim has won the Premier League in England and also managed Ivybridge Town?
  3. Nicknamed ‘The Mighty Atom’, name the Scottish winger who holds the record for most goals scored for Argyle?
  4. Which former Liverpool legend was the manager to sign Mickey Evans from Argyle in 1997?
  5. Who were the club shirt sponsors from 1992 – 1998?
  6. Who did Argyle sign from Glasgow Rangers in 2009 and then loan out to Hibernian a few months after his arrival?
  7. Which former Pilgrim loanee currently plays in New Zealand and has also performed for clubs in Bulgaria, Scotland, Cyprus and Poland?
  8. Who finished as top scorer in his first four seasons as a Pilgrim but sadly had to retire early after breaking a bone in his neck?
  9. Who was goalkeeper when Argyle reached the League Cup Semi-Final in 1974?
  10. Apart from Argyle, Paul Wotton played for which three other professional clubs?

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