Green Army Boost

ARGYLE welcome Luton Town in Sky Bet League One on Saturday and leading scorer Freddie Ladapo believes the Green Army could make the biggest difference.

Despite only three sides of the ground in action due to the redevelopment of the Grandstand, the incredible noise generated has been a major bonus for the players in our recent run of five games unbeaten at the Theatre of Greens. 

“It’s only three sides but it’s always jam-packed and loud, and it always makes me feel at home anyway, so I think everyone else would feel good,” said Freddie.

“The crowd is fantastic, the fans sing my name and sing all the boys’ names, they’ve been great for me this whole season and they’ve given us that extra bit of lift and extra boost.

“You can see it in the team how much more positive we play at home.”

At this stage of the season, it is arguably the most crucial time for the crowd to be backing the boys in Green as they push themselves as much as they can to climb the table.

“This is a key period,” Freddie explains “This is where people clinch titles or avoid relegation, so it’s the business end of the season and we have to prove to people that we are good enough to stay in this league.”

As well as the home attendance from the Green Army, away support has been just as impressive.

Our recent 400-mile trip to the Stadium of Light saw just short of 1,800 Argyle supporters make the epic journey, who contributed to the 32,360 attendance.

“It was a big stadium, big crowd and a lot of fans,” said Freddie. “Knowing that they were in the Premier League two years ago, you know that they come with that big-club name, so there was a lot to do at that stadium.

“I’ve played in front of twice that size, I’ve played away against Manchester United in a Premier League game, so that was 75,000 and that was very loud.”

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