Greens at Goosewell

AS part of the EFL Day of Action, Argyle first-team stars Ruben Lameiras and Yann Songo’o spent time at Goosewell Primary School in Plymouth.

Ruben and Yann joined in a Move and Learn day with children aged 9-10, offering advice and answering questions on their professional careers in football. 

Funded through the Football League and from Ferrero, Argyle Community Trust offers six weeks blocks of health and nutrition lessons to children in year 5 for free. Over the past 12 months, 1,865 children have engaged in the programme and children have been able to learn about the Eatwell guide and how exercise impacts our bodies. The programme highlights the use of our vital organs and how what we eat, and drink can affect these.

The session was split into two parts, a 45-minute Healthy Eating workshop (classroom based) and 45-minute practical sessions that linked back to the theory-based session.

Many people always feel they know a lot about health and nutrition, the sessions run by fully qualified coaches work to improve the children’s understanding to what impact food and drink has on our bodies, along with the importance of exercise and how this can affect our current health and in later life.

Schools and Participation Lead, Darrel Harris says: “Following the programme, children show a better understanding of nutrition and we usually see a big different in terms of their snacks they have during break times as this is what they see. Usually, a positive movement from chocolate and processed food to fruit or vegetables.”

The EFL’s Community Day of Action presents a unique, and brand new, opportunity for all EFL clubs to simultaneously raise awareness of the impact they are having by creating a national platform to highlight the community work that happens across 72 towns and cities, 365 days a year, seven days a week.

Approximately £50million is being invested every season by the EFL Trust and Club Community Trusts into key areas, using the power of football to help people in need across sport, education, health and community engagement programmes.