Ode to Argyle

THE city of Plymouth has come together this week ahead of Argyle’s #OneMoreRound clash with Scunthorpe today.

Support has been shown in a plethora of different ways, but one member of the Green Army, Jamie Smith, has been inspired to express his love of the club through the medium of poetry.

“So fast approaches judgment day,
With a packed Home Park to see you play.

From the first whistle we will always have your back,
Cheering and supporting every defence or attack.

All we ask is for 90 minutes to give it your all,
Whatever the outcome, we will always be your green wall.

Your body and legs will get tired,
But, remember, three points may be all that’s required.

We will lift you up, even when you’re down,
The famous Green Army, we support our hometown.

I will always remember when Hartley scored with his head,
It reminds me of times when our club was nearly dead.

Promotions, relegations, we will always watch you play,
Together, we can do it, and win on Saturday.

Through the hard times and despair, we were never scared to fight,
The flame of Plymouth Argyle will always shine bright.

This season has had plenty of ups and downs,
But forget that, all that matters is the final showdown.

All the early starts to travel or catch coaches,
Wherever in the country, the Green Army approaches,

The 12th man, the Green Army, you will hear our rallying call,
As soon as you step on that pitch, you’ll feel 10-feet tall.

Once again, the Mayflower is about to set sail,
A new direction, with us at your back you will never fail.

As we approach our final test,
All we ask is that you give it your best.

When the full-time whistle blows, at least we can say we tried,
We’re Plymouth Argyle, the club that never died.”