Sing it Loud

ARGYLE first-team coach Kevin Nancekivell has issued a rallying cry to the Green Army as Argyle face a battle for their League One future against Scunthorpe today.

Every ticket within Home Park has been sold out for the Greens’ date with destiny, and Nance believes that a positive atmosphere could make all the difference.

“Thank you ever so much for sticking with us this season,” he said. “It’s been a difficult time, but we need you for one more massive big effort. We need you to stay with us from the first minute to the final whistle. I can promise you that the boys will be running their heart out for that duration.

“The supporters have been with us all season. They’ve travelled miles and miles and miles. Stick with us, there’s going to be moments that aren’t going our way, and those are the moments we need the supporters to shout and sing even louder, and I’m sure they’ll do that. When they do that, I’ll make sure that the players run even harder and faster.

“I’m proud and honoured to be asked to look after the club on such a big occasion, and hopefully we don’t let anybody down. We all share the responsibility - the support I’ve had from everybody in the football club has been fantastic and I’m sure that will make us stronger come Saturday.

“It means a lot to everybody, it’s not just myself. It’s important for the club that we stay in League One.”