East in the West

THE arrival of experienced broadcaster Trevor East on the Argyle Board of Directors is a move of both ambition and optimism for the Pilgrim future.

Argyle manager Ryan Lowe has already benefited from the advice and experience of our newest Board member, with Trevor enjoying enormous experience in the global football television market.

“It says that the club is on the rise to bring in people with such qualities and well connected,” said Ryan. “Ultimately, he’s a good guy and the more good people you have around you, the better you become.

“He’s a big influence on me. I’ve only known him a short while but I speak to him on regular occasions and he’s well-connected with people in football. He’s a big appointment and we’re pleased to have him on board.

“He’s been in the background for a little while and the minute I was told he was coming on board, it was another good person added. In terms of the Board of Directors, they’re all good people and not one person looking to bad-mouth anyone.

“Eventually, one day, whether it’s with me or past me, the club deserves to be in the Championship. We have a plan to be the best we can be and Trevor has come here to help us build the football club.

“It’s a fantastic club, fantastic fanbase and a fantastic stadium now. I think he sees the same as what we’ve all seen down here.”