Academy of Science

THE Argyle Academy unpacked some new presents this week, as we received delivery of some superb state-of-the-art sports science equipment. This impressive array of technology cost around £5,000 and was funded entirely by members of the Big Green Lottery.

The equipment will be used to help our team of Academy coaches monitor the athletic progress of players through the age groups, allowing them to modify coaching and fitness sessions to create footballers in peak condition to deliver the optimum performance on a match-day.

“The equipment is used for testing our youth athletes, from the under-9s through to the under-18s,” explained Ryan McClements, strength and conditioning coach with the Academy.

 “It gives us an idea on different measures throughout their Academy journey. This includes sprinting ability, aptitude for changing direction, jumping, speed endurance and fatigue levels.

“What we’re looking to achieve is creating a batch of data on a player that is collected from the start of their time in the Academy through to hopefully signing as a professional. This should enable us to see what a Plymouth Argyle looks like at the age of 18 and how we can use that information to help the next generation.

“The equipment is fantastic quality and provides us with so much useful data. We can also provide daily checks on the under-18s, helping them to showcase their talents on the pitch by using the data to formulate our training programme.”

We will produce a full review and pictures of the equipment being used in the near future, and a huge thank-you to Big Green Lottery members for making this advancement possible.

For more information on the Big Green Lottery, drop us a message on or you can just sign up online, win some money and help raise funds for the Argyle Academy.

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