Kind Ruthless

ARGYLE manager Ryan Lowe believes the ability to overcome disappointment is one of the key components of his side and will put them in good stead going into today’s game at Swindon Town in Sky Bet League Two.

Lowe noted how not all of his players will get into his side on Saturday and that they are allowed to feel disappointed, but not for too long.

“I think whatever team I pick, lads are going to be disappointed,” said Ryan. “I always say ‘be disappointed today but be smiling tomorrow’. Go home, get your disappointment out and then it’s gone.

“Everyone gets disappointed, rejections in life and the players are no different. What I’ve got here is a fantastic group who can take it and if they get left out of the team, they’re not just sulking but helping the team.”

Ryan was, however, quick to point out he is not the kind of manager to let his players down too ruthlessly, highlighting how important it is to tell the players in the correct manner.

“You have to be ruthless to change, every manager has to be in some way,” he said. “I’d like to think I’m a ‘kind ruthless’ guy who will tell them in the nicest possible way – I would never leave them hanging as to whether or not they’re playing. I would always tell them.

“As a player, I didn’t like being left out ruthlessly. I choose never to do it, I’ll always tell the players whether it be as a group or individually, especially if they’ve been playing.”

Although many sporting the Green and White of the Pilgrims may be concerned that the goals this season have been shared around, with 14 players all getting a piece of the action, this is not a concern that Ryan shares.

He said: “A lot of people say you need a 20-goal-a-season striker but why? Sometimes strikers won’t get 20 goals, they might get 10 or 15, but your midfielder has 10. You share the goals out, which is just as important as your striker scoring 20.

“I like to think we could be on more, 30-odd goals certainly. With the chances we’ve missed, ‘keepers have made saves and whatever else, but I’m pleased to have 25 goals and 14 different goal scorers. If it’s spread out across the squad, then fine, as long as we’re scoring goals.”