Tonight's Mascots

WE have five young Pilgrims joining us as mascots for tonight’s visit of Leyton Orient at Home Park.

First up is seven year-old Alfie Carter, who lives in Plymouth and plays for Ivybridge Town and the Argyle Long-Term Player Development team. Alfie’s favourite player is Scott Wootton and he’s predicting a 2-1 win for the Greens tonight.

Dylan Nobes also fancies a 2-1 victory and this 10 year-old is a huge football fan. Dylan lives in Plymouth and his favourite Pilgrim is midfielder Conor Grant.

A warm welcome to Freddie Moores, who is seven years-old and also from Plymouth. Freddie’s favourite players are Josh Grant and Byron Moore, and he predicts a 3-2 home win tonight.

Jayden Tranter is 10 years-old and another mascot from Plymouth. Jayden is going for a 3-1 victory, his favourite player is Danny Mayor and Jayden plays for Plymouth Parkway.

Our final mascot is the most optimistic for tonight, predicting a 3-0 triumph for the Greens. Tyler Soloman is 10 years-old and from Plymouth. Tyler loves football and Fortnite, with his favourite Pilgrim being goalkeeper Alex Palmer.

We hope all our mascots have a wonderful time tonight. If you would like to experience the honour of leading out the Greens at Home Park, please contact mascot coordinator Ellen Shine on