All for the Boys

THE fitness and fatigue of footballers in the midst of a rigorous campaign in Sky Bet League Two is all about communication and observation.

Argyle manager Ryan Lowe and his backroom staff are determined to always put the wellbeing of their players first, ensuring every individual is given the opportunity to perform their best on a match-day.

If that means missing out on the odd training session or adapting their schedule due to injury or fatigue, it is a decision the boss is happy to make.

“We speak to the players every day, we’re all for the boys,” said Ryan. “A lot of coaches and managers are not, they’re all for themselves.

“We can make sure that the lads are right but in terms of niggles, they can come and tell us and we sort the issue out. I was never one to miss training and a lot of our lads don’t, but I have to make that call whether they train or not.

“We have to see if there’s any sort of fatigue creeping in and it’s funny, because you can see which lads have had a good sleep or not from how they look when they come in.

“I feel as though I’m a good observer of players and feel that there’s loads to notice.”