Pilgrim Pioneers

LAST WEEK, a group of those among the Green Army who had purchased Pioneer packages within the new Mayflower Grandstand were given the chance to look around what will soon be their new home.

Separate tours were held on so Pioneers could gain a first look at the new look stand. It is safe to say they were quite impressed with what they saw.

Pioneer John Lamerton said: “First of all, it is very impressive. We have been following the development for 18 months or so now and it was good to see behind the curtain so to speak. The view is amazing.”

Several attendees shared John’s view that it was nice to reminisce in many ways, remembering what things used to be like as we approach an exciting new era for the club.

“It is nice to look back on things because I had been sat in the old stand for many years, to see the way it is now is brilliant,” he said. “It is like a mix between old and new. I just think they have got it spot on. It is very modern but you can see what used to be there, they have kept the heritage there, which is good.“

Jason echoed John’s enthusiasm by saying: ”I think they have done everything with the view of the pitch in mind. As we were stood in what is going to be the Club Argyle Lounge ,there is this great vista of the pitch right in front of you.”

The general theme of the day was that many, if not all, who toured the stand were impressed by the quality of what was put in place and how far on the development actually has progressed.

“I was actually expecting pretty much a building site,” one said. “It’s not like at all, though. I’m very surprised. The one thing I took away from being is there is just getting a real impression of what it’s going to be like on a match-day. Already it feels like this is what it should be like, this is what belongs at Argyle.”

400 years ago, Pilgrims ventured forth to find new lands. Carried by the Mayflower, 102 passengers boldly set sail.

These individuals were true pioneers of their time. Today, we stand on their shoulders, and invite 102 Pioneers to evoke their strength of character and spirit to carry forward Plymouth Argyle.

The Pioneers is your exclusive one-to-one membership with the Club. With an all-inclusive, à la carte food and drinks menu served directly to your table, plus the best seats in the new Mayflower Grandstand, our dedicated service team will ensure your match-day experience is second to none.

The Pioneers is an exclusive, all inclusive, prestigious club for 102 members. Simply arrive and let us take care of the rest.

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