Statement, September 2, 2019

PLYMOUTH Argyle Football Club is a community-focused, values-driven organisation, whose stated aim is to make attending football matches as inclusive and enjoyable as possible for all members of society.

It is our legal duty to eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimization on the basis of age; disability; gender reassignment; pregnancy and maternity; marriage and civil partnership; ethnicity; religion and belief; gender; and sexual orientation.

Much more important than merely being a duty, it is the right thing to do - no-one should be subject to abuse or intimidation of any form because of their personal circumstances, and we have a zero-tolerance approach to anyone who thinks it is acceptable to bully, intimidate or discriminate against a fellow supporter, player or member of club staff.

We encourage supporters to report any instance of inappropriate comments, chanting or behaviour. There is no definitive list of what is or is not appropriate, but, if the target of the behaviour, or anyone else who hears it, feels uncomfortable, then the chances are that it is not acceptable.

We will continue to work closely with the necessary authorities to eradicate discriminatory behaviour of any kind, and take the strongest possible action against anyone proven to have acted in a discriminatory manner.

There is no place in football for discrimination.