Happy with the Plan

ARGYLE manager Ryan Lowe believes that progress behind the scenes at Home Park is keeping up with his on-field ambitions.

“We’ve got good people behind the scenes,” said Ryan. “I’m not saying that we didn’t have that before, but we’ve got good people now and we’re all working off the same sheet. We’re all doing the right things to make sure we can improve everyone, not just the football.”  

Chairman Simon Hallett unveiled a new five-year plan earlier in the week, with sustainable Championship-level football the target.

“I’m a happy manager - why wouldn’t you be? I’m working for a fantastic football club, we’ve got a fantastic team and we’re going in the right direction,” said Ryan.
“It’s not about me it’s not about whether I move on or what I do. This is a football club that is going in the right direction and it’s got good people here. When you’re working with good people, whatever comes and whatever arises, that’s why they're good people as they wouldn’t stand in anyone’s way.

“It [Championship football] is definitely achievable. If we had a  fanbase of 2,500 every other week, it’s not achievable, but we’ve got a fanbase of potentially 15 or 16 thousand, so why wouldn’t it be achievable.

“He [Simon] has come in and secured the future of the Football Club probably for the next five years. We feel that every league you are in, you want to finish as high as you possibly can. Whether it’s League Two, League One or the Championship, all these teams want to finish as high as they possibly can.

“We’re no different, we’ve obviously got to plan for the future, which we have. We plan from the start of this season to finish as high as you possibly can in League Two and we’re on course with that.

“Is that more pressure on my shoulders, I’ll take it, I’m a rough scouser from a council estate but I’ll take the pressure, it’s fine. There are a lot more people out there with bigger pressure than me, in terms of life and everything else.

"We’re happy to have the five-year plan.”