Cashless Plan

HOME Park will take another step toward becoming a cashless stadium when Crawley Town visit in Sky Bet League Two on Tuesday evening.

In order to improve the customer experience in our brand-new Mayflower Grandstand, we have cashless payments at the food and beverage kiosks located in the upper tier of the Mayflower Grandstand.

The cashless approach provides the Green Army with a faster service, quicker transactions, less queueing time, less time away from the game and a safer option than carrying cash.

Payment options include chip and pin, contactless, as well as device payment using Android Pay, Apple Pay, etc. As well as buying from the kiosks, fans can also make purchases from official Argyle staff roaming the stadium.

The food and beverage outlets outside the Mayflower stand, in the fan zone area, will continue to accept cash, as well as the rest of the stadium, although it is the club’s intention, all being well, to move all amenities inside Home Park to a cashless system.

The move to cashless amenities has stemmed from Green Army feedback sent to the address, your online hub for sending suggestions and ideas as we strive to continue to improve the match-day experience at the Theatre of Greens.