Gaffer on Tyreeq

ARGYLE manager Ryan Lowe has moved early in the transfer-window – signing midfielder Tyreeq Bakinson on loan from Bristol City – but the transfer was no overnight swoop.

The 21-year-old has been on the radar of Ryan and assistant Steven Schumacher since last season, when he had a hugely successful loan spell at Newport County.

That was a followed by a mutually beneficial getting-to-know-you process, with Tyreeq a regular visitor to Home Park in recent weeks.

Ryan said: “We’ve earmarked Tyreeq from last season. He played against us; Schuey’s earmarked him and looked at him closely, same as me; we’ve done the homework on him; we spoke to Bristol City and [manager] Lee Johnson; and his agent. This has been going on for a months.

“Tyreeq finally came in for a few days over the past few weeks to train with us to get a feel for us and we get a feel for him.”

The training-ground experience endorsed what Ryan already suspected.

He said: “He’s been special; he’s been a great kid to work with; he’s got his head down; he’s gelled with all the boys; and he’s a fantastic footballer.

“Tyreeq’s come to us and seen the way that we play and, once we got him in for a couple of days, it was a no-brainer for him and he couldn’t wait to get it done, so we are just pleased.

“I thank my Board of Directors and chairman for letting it happen because they are backing us; it’s over Tyreeq now to put performances in, which we are sure that he will.

“He gives us a bit more presence in midfield – he can play anywhere in the three – so I am really pleased to get him. He’s dynamic. We know Tyreeq can fill in any of those positions and can be an asset for us.

“Bristol City think highly of him. He went to Newport last season, so this is his second loan spell. I’d like to thank Lee Johnson because it’s good that he’s coming to a footballing team and a footballing club.

“He’s a terrific lad and it’s good for us to get it over the line. It’s one of hopefully a few.”