License for Excellence

ARGYLE manager Ryan Lowe kicked-off his week by spending time with some of the finest coaching talents in the game, including England boss Gareth Southgate.

The Pilgrim gaffer is currently studying for his UEFA Pro Licence coaching badge and the desire to always improve is a philosophy running through Home Park in the Lowe era.

“It was good, hard work and intense,” said Ryan. “It was all about leadership and decision-making.

“It’s great to meet the people and, when they’re talking, you can’t help but listen. Chris Hughton, a Premier League manager, talked about the decisions they had to make.

“On your course, there are a lot of managers and coaches from up and down the country. There are some big names and, on these courses, everyone is striving for excellence and I’m no different. I want to be the best I can be and the same goes for everyone on the course.

“He [Southgate] spoke about where he has come from as a coach and how he failed [in the past], to now become the England manager. He said he wouldn’t change his time on anything.

“He was thrust into the job at Middlesbrough, then went away and learned. I think he did the Pro License in 2006 and he was brilliant. He was there for anyone on the course and said that if anyone needs any guidance, just pick up the phone.

“For me, as a manager at Plymouth Argyle, to know that you can pick up the phone to someone like Gareth Southgate is special.”