Table Watching

IT is getting to that twitchy time of the season when it is impossible not to cast an eye on the form of Argyle’s rivals in the race for promotion in Sky Bet League Two.

Crewe, Northampton, Bradford and Colchester all played in midweek, four teams situated around the Pilgrims in the play-off positions, and all games ended in stalemate.

While manager Ryan Lowe also checked the final results, his understandable focus is entirely based on securing points for the Greens, starting with the trip to Stevenage on Saturday.

“I can’t sit there and jump for joy because Macclesfield were beating Crewe 1-0,” said Ryan. “Look what happened, Crewe scored in the last minute.

“I just try and be calm and collected with it. They have all still got 20 players to go, so have we, and we’ve just got to keep doing our work.

“Northampton were winning at one point and then ended up drawing. I looked at the scores when they finished but it is what it is.

“Teams will get help from others and we’ll be the same, but we focus on us. We’re in a good position at the moment but the easy part was getting there; the hardest part is staying there.”