Mind: Get Set To Go

“Getting active can help you feel good. Find out how Mind and the EFL have teamed up to support more people to be active in their local communities.”

  • What is Get Set to Go?

Get Set to Go is a physical activity project set-up by Mind in 2015, funded by Sport England and the National Lottery, to support more people with mental health problems to get active.

While we know that doing physical activities, like football or running, can have real benefits for both our physical and mental wellbeing, unfortunately many people with mental health problems face additional barriers to getting active.

Get Set to Go was designed by people with mental health problems to overcome these barriers through online peer support groups, local physical activity sessions and awareness raising campaigns and information guides.

During the first phase of Get Set to Go participants increased their levels of exercise by an average of 1.3 days each week and 78% of participants rated the programme as very good or excellent.


  • How are the EFL involved in Get Set to Go?

The Get Set to Go programme was initially funded by Sport England and the National Lottery. In 2019, we extended the programme to a further nine areas with funds raised through our ‘On Your Side’ partnership with the EFL.


  • What about the new restrictions in England, will groups be taking place?

The guidelines about what we can and can’t do are moving fast. The restrictions state that ‘support groups’ delivered by health charities such as Mind are able, in most instances, to continue face to face - this includes physical activity groups. Where this is not possible, our teams are delivering sessions online and providing support to people to stay active at home and outdoors.


  • What about Wales?

The firebreak in Wales comes to an end shortly. We are awaiting further guidance from the Welsh Government on what this means for groups. In the meantime we are supporting people to get active at home or outdoors through challenges and online physical activity groups.


  • How can people get involved in Get Set to Go?

For more information about Get Set to Go visit - https://www.mind.org.uk/about-us/our-policy-work/sport-physical-activity-and-mental-health/get-set-to-go/


  • There isn’t a Get Set to Go programme in my local area how can I get active?

While there isn’t a Get Set to Go programme in every area of the country, there are lots of ways you can get active to support your mental health. Visit our Get Active pages www.mind.org.uk/getactive for tips and resources to get started.


  • Physical activity doesn’t work for me!

Everyone’s experiences are different. It is about finding what works for you and something you enjoy enough to stick at it. Physical activity can be a great tool to support mental health, as can creative therapies, ecotherapy or ‘green exercise’, peer support alongside medication and talking therapy.