CLUB STATEMENT: Return of Fans Update

Following Prime Minister Boris Johnson's announcement that the plan to allow supporters' return to stadia would be suspended indefinitely, the club wishes to advise supporters that we will continue to engage with relevant stakeholders to encourage a safe and timely return to Home Park.

Argyle chief executive officer, Andrew Parkinson, said: “We are obviously disappointed and remain hopeful that the Prime Minister’s announcement today is only a temporary measure.

"Of course, the club is, like everyone, of the belief that health and safety of our community must come first. That said, staff at Argyle have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to implement the best possible COVID safety measures at our stadium, including engaging with industry experts. We feel that Home Park meets the highest standards in that respect.

"The financial position of lower league clubs during this crisis has been well documented. Without the return of supporters to stadia, our viability is impacted.

"It is not feasible to delay fans’ return to stadia without a medium term solution in place. The club will continue to work with our partners at the EFL and the government to forge a way forward, and we thank all of the Green Army for their support in these challenging circumstances.”