Ladies: Staying Active in Lockdown

While the Plymouth Argyle Women’s team wait for a return to training and competitive football, they have been staying busy with a range of online challenges.

As well as organised fitness sessions through the club, the Pilgrims managed to raise over £2,500 in a running challenge, with the money split between a children’s cancer charity and supporting costs for the team. 

Argyle are also involved in a keepy-uppy challenge with other clubs and doing very nicely indeed.  

“The players are all doing well and obviously looking forward to playing football again,” said manager Ryan Perks. 

“We had a catch-up meeting last week and we’re already in the process of planning for next season. Thankfully, virtually all of them have said they are keen to stay with the club for next year. 

“We’ve put on some sessions online for them, plus a weekly Pilates session to keep them engaged, so it’s not just running. 

“Having said that, the recent running challenge for charity was a great success and now all completed, with the total amount raised £2,565. It is a fantastic achievement from the girls and we appreciate everyone sponsoring them. 

“The chairman also put in a donation, which was very gratefully received. 

“The girls are still taking part in the keepy-up challenge with other local clubs. So far, we’ve played five, won five. Rosie Train was this week’s winner and she did 95 kick-ups in 30 seconds. 

“I think they’ve all managed over 75 so far.”