Backed by The Terrace

Retro football and sport culture company The Terrace have partnered with the Pilgrims as our Emirates FA Cup shirt sleeve sponsor for this weekend’s trip to Huddersfield Town.

It will not be the first time the Green Army have encountered the Oxford-based company, as the club has been working with The Terrace in the past few seasons on a number of unique retail products, including mugs, throws, and our extremely popular retro replica shirts.

Carl Sewell, Director of The Terrace, said: “We are beyond excited to be able to partner up with the club for the third round of the Emirates FA Cup, a prestigious competition that offers a story for so many clubs.

“To see our logo on the sleeves of the players is not only is a proud moment for us as a brand, but an opportunity for us to connect with Argyle even further. The fanbase and club have been such avid supporters of what we do, we cannot thank the Green Army enough for the support they have shown towards The Terrace.

“As a thank you, we hope our sponsorship support to the club, during these uncertain times in football, is a small helping hand back from us.

“To commemorate the partnership, it is really exciting to make the new legends illustrated collection available to fans too, a striking and eye catching collectible range I am sure the fans will love to have their hands on!”Image removed.

The Pilgrims’ Partnerships Development Manager, James Voisey, said: “We are delighted to be able to strengthen our relationship with The Terrace, and we’re grateful for their continue support.

“This is the third successive season that the club has been able to secure Emirates FA Cup shirt sleeve sponsorship, which, I think, shows the strength of the Argyle brand, even in challenging economic conditions. What’s more, though, we are pleased to share this opportunity with a brand that already delivers great products for the Green Army.”

To learn more about The Terrace, visit their website.

The new, exclusive and limited-edition Argyle legends collection is available to order now from The Terrace website. Click here to check it out.