LADIES: The Day-Job Files

The Plymouth Argyle Women’s team bring together talented footballers from all walks of life in their shared enthusiasm and ability for the sport.

In a new series on the Pilgrims proudly wearing the famous Green shirt, we look at some of the day-jobs pursued by the Argyle squad, plus subjects studied by the younger players still in education. 

There is no better place to start than Argyle captain and club legend Katie Middleton, who combines her duties as a formidable centre-back with a vitally important role in the NHS. 

“I am a paediatric physiotherapist at Derriford Hospital,” said Katie. “It is a varied role and we cover anything that comes in from the children’s area at Derriford. 

“It can be anything from respiratory problems to fractures, strokes, anything that comes on to the ward. We treat children with club feet, babies with hip problems, we do hydrotherapy, casting for children, the full spectrum. 

“It can obviously be quite demanding from an emotional sense because you do come across some very sad stories but it is mostly very rewarding, as we are able to play a small part in helping young people to recover and get back to the things they want to do. 

“We have worked all the way through the Covid crisis, although we have had to adapt the way we work. We’ve had to minimise a lot of the face-to-face contact but we’ve done work over the phone and adjusted to continue providing a vital service. 

“Children still need treatment and our help.”