Argyle support Trevi's Euro 2024 campaign

Plymouth Argyle are supporting Trevi’s campaign to combat Violence Against Women and Girls during the UEFA European Football Championship this summer. 

As the Euros continue in Germany, Trevi is taking a stand to Show Violence Against Women and Girls the Red Card. 

The statistics are stark: when the England national team win or draw, reports of domestic violence rise by 26%. A loss can see this figure spike to 38%. Regardless of the match outcome, reports of domestic violence remain 11% higher than average in the day following a match. 

The Euros should be a time of unity and excitement for everyone, but amid the cheers and chants, there's a sobering reality for women facing domestic violence. For many victims, it is a period when existing abuse intensifies, and new cases emerge. This issue is particularly concerning in Plymouth, a city that already has a higher-than-average rate of domestic violence. 

Trevi is a nationally award-winning women’s charity based in the South West. They continue to support over 1000 women a year with their services and are dedicated to supporting women affected by domestic violence and abuse. 

Trevi provide a safe and nurturing environment where women can rebuild their lives free from fear and harm. Offering a range of services, including secure accommodation, therapeutic support, and practical assistance, they help women regain their independence and self-esteem. 

By empowering women through education, counselling, and skill-building opportunities, Trevi plays a crucial role in breaking the cycle of abuse and fostering long-term recovery and resilience. 

Argyle are supporting this new initiative, alongside Her Game Too, Devon FA, and ManCulture. 

Hannah Shead, Trevi CEO, says: “While football itself isn't responsible for domestic violence, various factors contribute to an increase in incidents. Weekends, heightened emotions, sunny weather, and increased alcohol consumption often result in a surge in reports. 

“These intertwined elements create a volatile environment that, unfortunately, results in an increase in reports of domestic violence. Football unites us; violence divides us. It’s time to show violence against women and girls the red card. 

“As a charity supporting women, many of whom are survivors of Domestic Abuse and sexual violence, we will continue to shine a light on these issues. The Euros is a time for great excitement for many people, however the grim reality is many women will suffer an increase in violence and abuse at home.” 

Siobhan Robbie-James, Argyle’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager says: "The club is proud to be part of this city-wide campaign to create positive change around women and girls. 

Argyle has a zero-tolerance policy with any form of discrimination, and we want to ensure that every single person who visits our stadium feels safe and welcome, and this should apply throughout the city of Plymouth as well. 

Everyone involved with the club lives by specific values every single day and our fans are at the heart of the club and everything we do. As they do throughout the season, we know visitors to Home Park will get behind this message and call out any behaviour that does not live up to our ideals.” 

For more information about the campaign, and how you can get involved, please email