Argyle Academy Day

Big Green Lottery Survey Outcomes

The Big Green Lottery would like to thank all our members who responded to the recent BGL survey. 

A number of key themes emerged from the survey and your responses will be used to help us shape and develop a much-improved BGL for the future. 

If there was one outstanding theme to be derived from the survey, it was the fact that support for the Argyle Academy was the major motivation for people joining the BGL and your backing of the next generation of Pilgrim talent is hugely appreciated. 

Over the past few years, the BGL has funded the purchase of a new minibus for the Academy, valuable sports science equipment, state-of-the-art video analysis, transport and accommodation for fixtures with leading Category One A clubs, and much more. 

However, it was also clear from the survey that BGL members would like to see improved coverage and detail on how their money is spent and, as such, we will produce a quarterly cheque from the BGL to the Academy, so you know exactly how much your membership has raised and will follow this with news on how the money will be used to benefit the Academy. 

This leads on to a desire from members to receive enhanced communication from the BGL. As it stands, we post weekly results from the BGL draws on our official club website and regular stories from the Lottery on draw winners and BGL benefits. 

However, to take this to a far higher level, we plan to introduce a monthly electronic BGL newsletter to members, with all the recent results and links to the latest Academy news. 

We do have email addresses for the majority of BGL members but, to further improve our database, it would be a great help if members could send their preferred email for the newsletter to 

These newsletters will be personalised to each member and will include your jackpot draw numbers. We also appreciate that some BGL members do not have an email address and, therefore, the Lottery will introduce an annual newsletter sent out in the post each August, so everyone can be assured of their continued membership and receive an overview of the BGL year. 

The final key theme to emerge from the survey was the use of ticket priority windows for BGL members. We are always liaising with the Home Park ticket office to ensure they have an updated list of active BGL members. 

We appreciate that a lot of BGL members like to book multiple tickets in these priority windows, so they can sit with family members, friends etc. However, we are not able to allocate more than one priority ticket per BGL membership, as increasing this benefit would be unfair to any other schemes run by the club. 

If this is a continued problem for your membership, the best solution is to sign up for more than one BGL account, but please use a different email address for each BGL account, as this is the method we use with the ticket office to confirm eligibility. 

In other words, two BGL accounts means two opportunities to access tickets in the priority windows. If you have any questions on the BGL, please just drop us a line on

To sign up for the BGL, simply click here to join today.     

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