Digital Match Tickets

Supporters coming to Home Park this season can take advantage of our digital ticketing facilities.

You can buy and download a ticket to your phone in less than two minutes meaning you don’t have to visit the ticket office at all, which is particularly useful if you decide to go to the game at the last minute and don’t want to join the ticket office queue.

Fans booking their ticket on line will be able to choose to download a digital ticket to their mobile device via Apple Wallet or Google Pay Wallet. They can then present the digital ticket at the turnstile for it to be scanned from their device. 

This is how the online booking system works:

Supporters booking online will be invited to 'print at home'. In the email they subsequently receive, there will be two options: to print the ticket out, so that they have a physical version of the ticket; or to save to wallet, and retain a digital version. 

The digital-ticket option is also available to supporters booking over the telephone, and the Home Park Ticket Office can offer the same choice at the point of booking.

digital tickets