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Evergreen's Flying Start

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Evergreen is less than a week old and, as always, the Green Army have responded with magnificent enthusiasm to a brand-new membership offering at Home Park. 

With new members signing up every hour, at just five days old, Evergreen is already rapidly approaching half of the peak membership numbers reached during the Big Green Lottery’s 14-year lifetime. More crucially, though, Evergreen members are already eclipsing monthly the contribution the Big Green Lottery made to football operations at Home Park during its peak.

The Evergreen team have had the pleasure of talking to so many new members and the immediate reaction has been overwhelming and inspirational.  Thank you for the amazing support. 

One of the main driving forces behind launching Evergreen was to ensure that fans’ motivations and wishes were placed at the forefront of the scheme. As such, we have monitored the extensive feedback received from supporters since launch – and amendments are already being made to ensure that the membership offering fits the Green Army as best as possible.

One of the early tweaks we have made to improve Evergreen relates to the ticketing benefits available in our packages. All under-18, under-12 and under-8 members will now be eligible for Level 2 ticketing priority, placing them on an equal footing to Premium and International Premium members. Crucially, this allows parents to purchase multiple memberships for the family and ensure that every member of the Evergreen household can access match tickets at the same point.

The ticketing priority structure at Home Park now runs as follows: 

Level 1 – Season-Ticket Holders* **

Level 2 – Flexi Ticket Holders, Evergreen Premium, International Premium and all Evergreen Junior Memberships  

Level 3 – Evergreen Standard and International Digital 

Level 4 – General Sale 

*Discretionary points system applied to high profile away fixtures

**For home fixtures, Season-Ticket Holders' seats are already reserved as standard. Level 2 is the first on-sale group for individual home match tickets.

As Evergreen progresses, we are constantly assessing the packages and benefits available to supporters. Please check the FAQs on our Evergreen section within the main website, as this will hopefully answer most of your Evergreen questions. 

You can also contact the Evergreen team by emailing, calling 01752 302208 or visit the Evergreen Suite at Home Park (next to the Argyle Superstore). 

Keen to join the Evergreen ranks? Visit the Evergreen Suite, call 01752 302208, or sign up online

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