Jack Leslie Cap presentation

Jack Leslie Cap presented to Argyle

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Saturday's game against Swansea City saw Argyle presented with Jack Leslie's posthumous honorary cap which his family received in recognition of the adversity he faced due to the colour of his skin.

He was the first black footballer to be selected for England in 1925 but never got the chance to represent his country. The cap was presented to Jack's family in March this year ahead of England's 2-0 victory over Ukraine.

This weekend saw the anniversary of the unveiling, and Jack's granddaughters presented the cap to Argyle ambassador Ronnie Mauge on the pitch at half-time.

Argyle chief executive, Andrew Parkinson, said upon the presentation: "This is a pivotal moment in the club's history and we are grateful to Jack's family for permanently loaning the cap to the club.

"It is important that not just Argyle fans but football fans in general learn of the injustice Jack faced and the story behind the awarding of his posthumous honorary cap. We are proud to display it here at Home Park in the Jack Leslie Boardroom, where it will have pride of place for many years to come."

Jack Leslie Campaign co-founders Greg Foxsmith and Matt Tiller said: "For the FA to accept that Jack was the first black player to be selected for England and to recognise that it was the colour of his skin that put an end to his chances was a massive step. And for Jack's family who have carried that injustice with them all these years to now bring the cap here to Plymouth is a wonderful gesture. We are proud of them, the club, the Green Army and Jack."

The cap will be displayed in the Jack Leslie Boardroom alongside a unique maquette. Jack's granddaughters have donated it on permanent loan to the club with a view to making it available to fans as much as possible through stadium tours, events and exhibitions.

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