Lewis Warrington

Lewis: Schumacher Was a Driving Force

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The Everton-Argyle connection has grown even further after the Pilgrims acquisition of Toffees midfielder Lewis Warrington on loan for the season, and the player himself is keen to use that to his advantage.

Now 20, Lewis has spent around three-quarters of his life at the Goodison club. Current Argyle Director of Football Neil Dewsnip signed Warrington to a contract aged nine, and Pilgrims boss Steven Schumacher was among Lewis’s boyhood coaches.

Lewis has made his senior Everton debut, coming on as a substitute against Fleetwood Town in last season’s Carabao Cup, which was clearly a career highlight so far.

“It was a really good moment,” said Lewis. “Probably one of the best of my career, to be fair.

“I enjoyed every minute of it. I was sitting on the bench, dead nervous, but I kind of knew I was coming on a little bit.

“I first went at six and signed my first contract when I was nine. I've been there ever since. been there all my life.

“I'm familiar with some of the [Argyle] staff. [Schumacher] was a massive driving force for me coming here, really.

“His career was kind of like mine at Everton. He was a central midfielder, so we have a bit in common. I've spoken to him a few times. I know how he wants me to improve. Hopefully we work together well, and it'll be a good season.”

Warrington’s previous loan spells have been at Tranmere Rovers and Fleetwood Town, in Sky Bet League Two and League One respectively. With Fleetwood, one of his 44 games was against Argyle, as Town were one of a select group of teams to leave Home Park with any points, as they drew 0-0 in PL2.

Looking back on his development, Lewis said: “[Tranmere] was my first loan. I was still a boy, really, and I learned so much. I was only there half a season; I played 17 games.

“Fleetwood was a different experience to Tranmere. It was more full-on. I was playing every week, Saturday-Tuesday, and I was just getting used to it, really.

“I was still making some mistakes, because I'm young, but it was overridden at the end of the season. I did quite well.

“I think I'm a tenacious midfielder. I work hard all the time. I like getting on the ball and playing forward as much as I can. I always want the ball. I'll never shy away from getting on it. I like little balls in behind and making big tackles.

“I thought League Two to League One would be a good step. I've done well in League One and I feel like I'm ready to push on again now. I'm excited for it, I just want to keep playing and keep improving.

“I enjoyed playing against all the big teams away from home in League One last year. Home Park was one of them. We did quite well, and the atmosphere was unbelievable. It was good to play there.

“I know the fans are different class home and away, so it’ll be good to play in front of them.

“It's a club that's firmly on the up. It’s a young team and a really good manager who’s pushing them all the way. I’m excited to be coming in and to be a part of that. Hopefully we have a good season.”

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