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Morgan's Bristol Rovers Preview

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Morgan Whittaker is one of five Argyle players on five league goals following the Pilgrims’ blistering start to the Sky Bet League One season.

Ryan Hardie, Niall Ennis, Finn Azaz and Sam Cosgrove are all on the same tally for an Argyle team that have scored 28 goals this season, the highest goals-scored column in the EFL so far.

Whittaker has become known for his willingness to run at opponents and shoot wherever possible, and he says the confidence given to the attacking players has played a huge part in the scoresheet staying so populated.

“There are clear messages from the manager, everyone knows their role,” said Morgan. “It’s not just me that is scoring, everyone in the top line is scoring.

“It’s never normally like this in a team. Normally there is one striker that has a good run, but it’s all of us. That’s good for us as team, knowing that if I don’t perform, someone else can. It’s not all reliant on one person.

“The manager is very confident in the players up front. We have a license to shoot, and people encourage you to shoot, because they know what the attacking players can do.

“I practise after most training sessions, and I feel confident in myself. I like to come in on my left foot; I have an idea of where the goal is and sometimes you can’t look, you just have to know.

“You know you will get the chances, so you can’t get disheartened. Football isn’t perfect all the time, you’re not going to score every one. It’s just getting in that position and trying to keep doing it.”

It could hardly have gone better for Morgan so far in his Argyle stint. He was personally recognised for his superb performances in September with the Sky Bet League One Player of the Month award, and with Argyle sustaining their spot on top of the division, Whittaker is having about as good a loan spell as he could have imagined possible.

The task now is to maintain their form, and that continues with a trip to Bristol Rovers this Saturday.

“Winning Player of the Month last month and us being top of the league as a team, I don’t think it could be better,” he said.

“I didn’t think we would be top of the league, looking at the games we have had. It’s about making the most of the games we’ve got coming up, and trying to keep the run going for as long as possible.

“We’ve just got to be confident in ourselves. We go into that game with confidence, top of the league, and hopefully we’ll get the win.

“Every game is different. We look at where they can be a threat, and be cautious of the other team, but the focus is on us because we know what we can do.”

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