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Evergreen members have joined forces with Thrifty Car & Van Rental to deliver a superb new minibus for the Argyle Academy.  

Literally powered by Evergreen and Thrifty, the 17-seater minibus will be used on a daily basis to transport the Under-18s to training venues across Plymouth, as well as supporting coaches in delivering sessions throughout the South West. 

On a wider scale, the Evergreen minibus will transport our next generation of talent to fixtures all over the country, every weekend, giving these young players an added sense of pride and comfort when representing Argyle.  

Academy manager Phil Stokes said: “On a daily basis, the minibus will support the Under-18s in their full-time training programme, and then the Under-9s to Under-16s on evenings and weekends. 

“For example, this weekend we have fixtures at QPR, Newport and Forest Green, all games that will need transportation, and the Evergreen minibus is now a key part of the Pilgrim fleet. 

“For the young footballers, and the coaches, it is an added sense of pride to representing Argyle. We are providing quality transport to venues, enabling us to play more fixtures and enhancing our games programme.”  

The partnership with Thrifty is part of an ongoing relationship with the club. Matt Kimberley from the Argyle commercial team said: “We are very grateful to Thrifty for their support of Argyle, allowing us to take the next step forward in support of the Academy.” 

Lyndon Bradshaw from Thrifty added: “We’ve recently delivered vehicles to Argyle Community Trust and we’ve seen the work that they’re doing, so it’s exciting for us to also now deliver our first bus to the Academy. 

“It is great for the region to see the success of Argyle and, from speaking to members of the Green Army, we know the pride they feel in developing young talent. The people travelling in the minibus today could be the stars of tomorrow.” 

The crucial cog in this Pilgrim wheel was the backing of Evergreen and we are so grateful to all our members for their tangible support of the Academy.  

Evergreen member Terry Locock summed up the importance of Academy success to the Green Army. He said: “As a long-time supporter, the Academy is massive to our future. I might not be here to see the benefits of this investment but the commitment to our Academy is very reassuring. 

“The local talent is out there and it is brilliant to see local footballers representing Argyle, especially as someone who has lived in Plymouth all my life and watched football, at all levels, in Plymouth.” 

Thank you Evergreen, you are making the difference.  

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