One Planet One Choice

Reusable Cups at Home Park

The club is pressing forward on its journey towards net zero carbon emissions by partnering with Event Cup Solutions to eradicate the single use plastic cups at Home Park this season.

From the beginning of the 22/23 campaign onwards, Argyle will be making the switch to fully sustainable One Planet One Choice cups in all of our refreshment outlets on-site, ensuring that supporters can purchase drinks in the knowledge that they are not causing harm to the planet.

The process for supporters is seamless. A 5p deposit will be added to the cost of all beverages which use a cup, and the cup can be returned to any refreshment kiosk post-match for supporters to reclaim their 5p deposit.

Alternatively, supporters can place their cup in one of many collection bins around the stadium after use, with any unclaimed deposits being donated directly to our social action campaign, Project 35.

As part of Event Cup Solutions’ commitment to environmental sustainability, for every 1,000 One Planet One Choice cups used, a tree will be planted in the United Kingdom by carbon-offsetting partner SQSTR – meaning that the club’s use of cups on match and event days at Home Park will be, from this point onwards, entirely carbon neutral.

This latest development follows a number of affirmative steps at Home Park in recent months, following the publication of our Energy and Environmental Plan, which sets a public commitment to Argyle reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Other sustainability projects include vastly reducing our food waste by partnering with Too Good to Go, the installation of more solar panels at Home Park, and piloting an innovative rainwater harvesting system to reduce water use.

Argyle Head of Venue, Christian Kent, said: “We’re very pleased to be switching to One Planet One Choice cups across the stadium in time for the new season.

“The reliance on single use plastic is a problem that everyone in the events industry needs to tackle, and bringing in sustainable cups is a massive step forward.

“We feel we have implemented a system which has minimal impact on supporters, while maximising the benefits from an environmental perspective.”

John Reeves, Director of Event Cup Solutions, said: “We are delighted to have Argyle on board, once again demonstrating they take their environmental responsibilities seriously by actually doing something which truly makes a difference.

“Utilising the ONE Planet ONE Chance Reusable Cup System at Home Park will result in Event Cup Solutions planting trees at a UK-certified tree planting project managed by carbon-offsetting specialists SQSTR. Indeed, for every 1,000 cups returned, we will plant one tree.”

Harry Simpson, of SQTSR, said: “Plymouth Argyle FC should be congratulated for a progressive outlook on sustainability, and we look forward to working together this season to ensure such a great sporting institution can be sustainably managed.” 

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