Home Park Stadium from above

Stadium Improvement Works Underway

We are excited to reveal that the club will imminently embark upon a programme of planned stadium works to improve the look, feel, and visitor experience at Home Park.

As long-standing supporters will be aware, Home Park has not necessarily received appropriate levels of care and maintenance over its relatively short life. Aside from recent Mayflower Grandstand redevelopment, very little has changed at the stadium since the initial horseshoe rebuild at the turn of the century, barring essential maintenance.

The Board of Directors, in consultation with the club’s senior management team, have approved expenditure for a series of works to enhance both the aesthetics and facilities at Home Park, inside and out. More information will be revealed in due course, but eagle-eyed supporters may already have noticed that the project has begun with the installation of new gate signage around the perimeter of the stadium.

Having taken on supporter feedback regarding stadium access this season, new signage has been installed around the Devonport End, Lyndhurst Road Stand, and Barn Park End, with the intention of better signposting supporters to their entry turnstiles.

With new signage now in place, a slight change to the gate naming conventions has also been implemented on the stadium perimeter, as is shown in the attached pictures and outlined in the table below.

Stand Gate numbers
Devonport End D1-D8
Lyndhurst Road Stand L9-L19
Barn Park End B20-B25
Mayflower Grandstand Unchanged (26-34)
New gate signage at Home Park

From the Sky Bet League One fixture against Lincoln City on Saturday, 22 January, match tickets will now reflect this convention. For example, a 'D4' on a match ticket will indicate entry is advised through Gate D4 in the Devonport End. 'L' will indicate Lyndhurst Road Stand, and 'B' refers to the Barn Park End.

Regular attendees at Home Park will experience little difference to their match-day routine, except for noticing upgraded signage, but it is the first of many steps planned to modernise the Theatre of Greens.

New gate signage at Home Park

Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Parkinson, said: "We are excited by the series of planned improvements at Home Park, and I am really looking forward to sharing what we have planned in the months ahead - as soon as the schedule of works is fully outlined.

"From small aesthetic changes to larger-scale improvements, we are fully committed to ensuring that the stadium is one that supporters are proud of, and offers the best possible experience for fans on a match-day, as well as for guests and clients using our excellent Mayflower Grandstand facilities.

"As we have often talked about, the redevelopment of the Grandstand has afforded us the opportunity to utilise our stadium throughout the week, for a whole range of purposes, and this is integral to our plan to become a fully sustainable club.

"The upcoming suite of improvements will make Home Park an even more attractive venue for conferencing, hospitality and events in the South West, as well as make match-days even more enjoyable for supporters. Put simply, these works are an investment in the club's future."