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Standards Panel | Stadium Ban Issued

The club has issued a four-year stadium ban to an individual for violent and threatening behaviour towards a member of staff during the EURO 2020 screenings at Home Park earlier this year.

The club’s Standards Panel met and reviewed the offence, before writing to the individual to offer right to appeal. An appeal was submitted, but there was significant enough evidence to uphold the decision.

The club holds a zero-tolerance policy towards all abuse of players, coaches, staff and fellow supporters - whether online, or in person.

The Standards Panel exists to ensure that the Argyle community is an inclusive and pleasant environment, and that supporters and staff alike feel comfortable and safe engaging with the club that we all love.

We are committed to inclusion, and strive to eliminate intimidation, victimisation, and discrimination from our football club, so that supporting Argyle can remain an environment accessible to all.

Consisting of members of Argyle’s senior management team, the Standards Panel convenes to discuss significant breaches of various policies relating to supporter behaviour – whether in person, or online.

The Standards Panel serves to ensure that policies are upheld. In serious cases, the Standards Panel may decide to issue a warning, time-limited stadium ban, or permanent stadium ban for breaches of the club’s Code of Conduct.

Each case will be carefully considered, and the Panel will always act in the best interest of the broader Argyle community when taking a decision, and bans will not be issued lightly.

In all cases where the Standards Panel is required to issue a sanction to a supporter, they will communicate with the individual in question, and offer right to reply.

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