PACSA Answers

AT the recent Cornish supporters’ Fans’ Forum, organised by PACSA, Argyle chairman James Brent was asked several questions which required further consultation with relevant Home Park office staff.

We are delighted to be able to publish response to those questions now.
Q: The Cornish coach(es) used to have to park across the road when the local buses were running. This was challenging and potentially dangerous for the elderly. Last season, the coach was allowed to park outside the stadium; could it do so this coming season, despite the return of local buses?
A: Traffic management around Home Park is entirely in the hanmds of the local authority, who own the land surrounding the stadium. The club does not possess any land which we can allocate to the parking of the coaches. However, we can make representations to the council on behalf of our fans, whose needs we totally understand, and will continue to do this most forcibly.
Q:  What is the timing for the launch of our new website?
A: The revamped website was launched on Monday, July 16. Please go to [insert link here] for further information.
Q: The club used to have Open Days for fans to meet players. Would we this year?
A: This is being looked at, and we hope to stage something very much along the lines of previous Open Days this season.
Q: The club used to have a stall at the Royal Cornwall Show run by volunteers. It cost c. £800 and achieved sales of £4-7,000. Could we do again?
A: Indeed. The reason why there was no stall this summer was a ‘hangover’ from administration. When we were asked to book the stall in February, we already knew we would not have the first-team kit, or any training-wear, available to sell. Given our extremely limited stock, it was felt it would not be cost-effective to have a stall. Our aim for next year should be to have this stock available in time for the RCS 2013 on June 6-8.

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