Confidence Is A Preference

CONFIDENCE is something that can change the outcome of many situations and Argyle manager John Sheridan believes that it will go a long way to keeping the Pilgrims in the Football League.

“I am convinced that we will stay up,” said John, in a tone so bold that even those with glasses at half-empty would take note of.

“I'm going to stay positive,” he continued. “If we win on Saturday [against Cheltenham], everything takes care of itself.

“It's about getting together, showing a bit of grit, and battling through,and we've done that in previous games so we'll try and get back to that standard that we've shown.”

Furthermore, John spoke of how instrumental the crowd have been in spurring on the team in their recent impressive home form, and reiterated how important they will be in the forthcoming matches to help ensure Argyle avoid relegation to the Blue Square Conference.

He said: “In the home games against Barnet, Fleetwood and Exeter, there was unbelievable support.

“We want that for the last two games but I know we're going to get that anyway, so I don't need to ask. They've been a very big part and we want them to carry on being a big part.”

The boss also spoke on what his position may be come the end of the season, and in doing so somewhat reflected his passion for the Pilgrims.

“I'm very happy to be here and privileged to be able to manage the club,” he said.

“The only thing on my mind is keeping us in this division and, when that happens, everything will take care of itself.”