Bumper Argyle Summer Quiz 2015 - Part Three

IT is day three of the 2015 Bumper Argyle Summer Quiz.

There are two rounds each day this week, each with a different Argyle-related theme. At the end of the week, after you have had a go at all ten rounds, please send us your answers to media@pafc.co.uk.  Monday's questions can be found here, with Tuesday's here.  

Please do not send sets of answers daily; we will only accept complete answer lists from Saturday, July 4 onwards. Closing date for entry is 5pm on Friday, July 10, 2015. The winner will be the entrant with the most correct answers. In the event of a tie, one of the highest scorers will be selected at random as overall winner.   

The prize, as always, is our legendary 'Box of Whatever'. The Box of Whatever is the upshot of the annual tidy-up of the Communications Office, which yields all manner of goodies. This year's Box of Whatever includes (but is not limited to) signed t-shirts; match DVDs; sweets; Argyle shorts; a Celtic shirt (well, it is green and white); posters; team sheets; laces; a scarf; and more. 

Today's rounds ask you to work out who is being spoken about, and what some of our old boys are up to...

ROUND FIVE - Say What?
Who is John Sheridan talking about in each of these quotes?

1) “I was about to take him off anyway. If he had got up, I probably still would have taken him off two or three minutes later. 

“He will be a legend in Plymouth, scoring a hat-trick in the derby. If you do that, people will remember you. I thought he was a handful today.”

2) "He can play anywhere - he gives you a seven, seven-and-a-half or eight out of ten every week, and that’s the good thing about him.
“I just felt that, regarding midfield, I needed a bit more energy in there, and I think Drew gave us that. He hasn’t played that many times in midfield but he gives you a lot with his energy and work ethic. 
“He just knows the game and is a real ‘Steady Eddy’ player.”

3) “[He] is so pumped up before a game, probably a bit too much if anything. 

“All players are different and you need those type of players in the squad. I was always vocal on the pitch but, before a game, I’d be very quiet. But [he] is pumped up, it’s like you’re going out for a cup final every Saturday.”

4) “He’s done well since he came in and played a part in us getting some good results. 

“He’s got this little bit of confidence and cockiness, which I like in a player. He’s a decent little runner with the ball as well. 

“He’s happy here, we like him and he’s enjoying his football which is a help to us.”

5)  “[He is] a competitor; he’s unbelievable – the lads will tell you that – in training. He’s frightening – he competes for everything; never lets anything go by; and he’s a bit of a warrior.”

6) “I think he has got really good potential – I have liked him for a few years.

“He just gives us something different which I have been after. He was always more of a target man. 

“I think he has got of the attributes to being a successful player for us. He is a really good age, and it is about getting a bit of confidence back in himself. Hopefully he will come in and do well for us.”

7) “[This Player], since I’ve left him out, has trained really well. I said to him that I’ve got to find a place [in the first team] for you, try and put you in somewhere.

“[He] is a very laid-back character and a great lad. He is always thinking of the team, does not think of himself”

8) “He is a big player for us, because of his work-ethic and his willingness to get at players, and get them on the back foot.”

9) Who is Lee Cox talking about here?

“Everyone who’s played has had their debut and knows that it’s tough, so everybody was around [him] before the game and giving him encouragement on the pitch. 

“He took to the game brilliantly and looked very composed. We knew he had it in him but, being a young lad, we didn’t know if he was going to handle the pressure; but he did well.”

10) And finally, who is Paul Wotton speaking of here?

“He has been threatening to do that for a while; he goes on those runs, and he travels with the ball really well.

“It opened up for him, and he showed great composure in front of goal. It was a great little outside-foot finish, and you will struggle to see a better goal this weekend, you would have thought.” 

ROUND SIX - Old Boys
How up to date are you with where some of our former players are these days? 

1) Which former Pilgrim was part of Truro's promotion season at the age of 43? 

2) Which former Pilgrim scored for the Democratic Republic of Congo in the Africa Cup of Nations? 

3) Which former Pilgrim played for England in the under 21 European Championships? 

4) Which former Pilgrim has scored three times in New York derby matches? 

5) Which former Pilgrim was voted Millwall's 2014-15 player of the year?

6) Which former Pilgrim came out of retirement and finished the season player for Stanway Rovers? 

7) Which former Pilgrim took over as caretaker manager of a Conference side, and scored an own goal in his first game in charge?

8) Which former Pilgrim and his wife are running an ice cream business as he works to get back from injury? 

9) Which former Pilgrim was a marquee signing for Indian I-League club Bharat FC? 
10) Which former Pilgrim took over as a caretaker manager for a club in January, until the end of the season - and while doing so, managed one of our new summer signings?